How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are not only fun, but are also great ways to build friendships or reinforce family bonds. Whether you are packing some sleeping bags and heading out of state for a concert, or vacationing to a national park with your family, planning your road trip is a must.

Car Check
The last thing you need on a road trip is a flat tire or an overheated engine. Consider the terrain and climate of your destination, depending on the conditions you might want to replace your tires before leaving. Taking your car to the shop for a free checkup is recommended before heading for a road trip. It is also a good idea to bring a roadside kit just in case anything goes wrong.

Pack it Up
Now that you got your car in check, it is time to start packing. Do not just pack clothes and toiletries for your road trip, you will also need to pack food and snacks. If traveling with the family, packing snacks, sandwiches, and bottled water can save you more than a hundred dollars during the length of your trip. In addition, do not forget the on-board entertainment. Packing movies, favorite CDs, and travel games can help the car ride go faster and smoother.

Plan Your Stops
Sure you know where you are going, but planning your stops ahead of time can help you avoid being stuck with grumpy passengers for the next 8 hours. Sometimes on the road you might encounter stretches of road that are completely uninhabited, with no restaurants or gas stations. The last thing you want is to be out of gas in the middle of nowhere with hungry passengers. Planning your stops ahead of time will prevent such unnecessary problems. Not to mention the fact that you can find hidden gems in the middle of nowhere; look out for popular roadside attractions such as cave hiking, ghost tours, and even artistic car junkyards.

Budget Spending
While driving for endless hours, you might feel it a necessity to stop at every gas station you see for a Red Bull and a hot dog. While these are not only bad for you, they also drain your budget before you even get to your destination. It is a good idea to fill up your tank the day before you leave since you already know the best prices in your area. In addition, when getting gas and food off the highway, look for exits with multiple gas stations and chain restaurants, as these have higher competition, driving the prices lower for you.

Planning your road trip ahead of time is smart and can save you tons of money. By following the tips above you can prevent your friends and family from not only having a boring trip but also from being stuck in the middle of nowhere because you forget to replace some kind of engine belt.

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